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Our Mission

To promote, fund and support programs, activities, and a network of Centers for women where the Catholic Prelature of Opus Dei lends pastoral services, and where women learn to find deeper meaning and purpose in their lives of work and service to others.

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Our Vision - Classroom

Our Vision

We envision a world where women in all seasons of life and all professions, in or outside the home, boldly reclaim their role to be trustees of humanity, building a new culture for the betterment of family and society.

We help women find deeper meaning and purpose in their lives
through work and service to others.

When women flourish, so does our society.

For more than 50 years, Corporation for Social and Educational Development, doing business as Centers for Social and Educational Development (CSED) has existed to help women appreciate the enormous, transcendent value they bring to our world, and prepare them with an ambitious calendar of Catholic education and formation to support their personal, professional and family lives.

Spiritual aspects of our work are entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church, which aims to help people find God in their ordinary life.

About CSED - Photo Gallery
About CSED - Photo Gallery
About CSED - Photo Gallery
About CSED - Photo Gallery
About CSED - Photo Gallery
About CSED - Photo Gallery


CSED carries out our work with a total staff of 78, a corps of 250 volunteers, and in collaboration with a growing number of professional women to secure the financial resources needed to establish and fund a network of Cultural Centers and programming dedicated to the formation of women.

Our dedicated board of directors has been steadily guiding CSED, providing energy and talent to inspire others and keep the organization flourishing for more than 50 years.

CSED Board of Directors

Patricia Anderson
Aileen Chang
Anne Marie Dempsey
Osede Osezua
Maria Pilar Racca
Laura Roman


Aileen Chang, President
Anne Marie Dempsey, Vice President
Laura Roman, Treasurer
Osede Osezua, Secretary

CSED By the Numbers

We inspire girls, young women, mothers and grandmothers to develop
practical life skills that can change our society.


When you give to CSED, you are helping us fund cultural centers and programs across the Midwest to help women and girls lead extraordinary lives.

CSED Revenue

95% of our revenue comes from individual givers and grants.

CSED Revenue Pie Chart

CSED Expenses

70% of our expenses are grants to operate our network of nonprofit Cultural Centers.

CSED Expenses Pie Chart