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5,000 women and girls served

We serve more than 5,000 women and girls each year across 14 states in the Midwest, in all stages of life and circumstances who, in turn, serve their families, their communities and our society as a whole.

Elementary school girls

Our introductory level of programming provides grade school girls with a supportive environment to develop their faith while exploring their personal interests, strengths and helpful friendships.

Our programs help girls build practical skills and academic confidence through access to supplementary academic programs offered year-round after school and for six weeks each summer.

Our Impact - Elementary
Our Impact - High school

High school girls

As girls grow, many continue with CSED programming: including seminars on Catholic faith and doctrine, leadership and professional education, as well as service opportunities to the community.

Our leadership programs for high school girls mirror the skill development of respected academic and professional programs and presents the complementary lights of Christian faith and reason which help young people to discover truth about the human person and society.

College women

Our University Centers offer a unique space for young women from different universities to develop friendships, learn from each other's diverse interests and studies, and together set out as the next generation agents of positive change in society.

CSED's programming for young women in college includes personal mentoring, lectures and discussions, spiritual activities, leadership seminars, service projects, and even cultural trips to conferences in other parts of the country and the world.

Our Impact - College
Our Impact - Marriage

Engaged/newly married women

For women on the cusp of marrying and starting a family, CSED programming includes seminars on the art of creating a home where her family can flourish.

We offer a modular curriculum which combines classes, demonstrations, and hands-on activities, providing each woman the skills to better care for her family with confidence and artistry.

Adult women

Women of all stages of life can join other women in a robust calendar of adult faith formation classes, seminars and spiritual retreats.

Women of all ages attend seminars on Christian doctrine, interfaith dialogue, marriage and family, and other topics of professional and cultural interest. We maintain an ambitious calendar of opportunities for women, including more than 165 retreats.

Our Impact - Adults

Incorporated 50 years ago, CSED has a strong track record and dedicated alumni that identifies unmet needs and inspires new programming initiatives in the communities we serve.

Serving Communities for over 50 years

Help us provide concrete tools and resources for women to share their faith and values in areas of
influence and leadership in order to impact the future of our society.