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We sponsor more than 300 professional, leadership and faith education programs annually, inspiring women and girls in our communities to pursue excellence in their everyday work, become women of character, and see their service to others in the larger context of a flourishing life.

Faith Education for Women and Girls

Spiritual retreats
Seminars on Christian living
Doctrine and interfaith dialogue
After school clubs

Faith Education

Professional Education

Professional + Leadership Education

Leadership seminars
Personal mentoring
Hospitality training
Summer camps
Service projects
Cultural trips

Marriage + Family Formation

Parenting classes
Mother's groups
Marriage seminars
Book clubs
Art of creating a home

Marriage and Family Formation


Our educational programs address issues and challenges at home and in the workplace, helping women and girls build their skills and confidence.

Here is a sampling of some of our popular programs:

The Art of Living Logo

The Art of Living for Women

A series of seminars promoting the value and dignity of work in the home through in-person and in-home coaching and instruction that fosters human flourishing.

The Art of Living for Young Women Logo Logo

Art of Living for Young Women

Central to the Art of Living Program for Young Women is the formative value of hands-on experience. Our students learn that service is not a feeling, but deeds of love.

Women of Vision Logo

One Room Chicago

One Room Chicago offers space for Chicagoland professional women 40 and beyond to explore ideas, dialogue about diverse topics, learn from others, and seek understanding in order to improve the world and themselves.

Fashion Matters Chicago Logo

Fashion Matters Chicago

Presenting workshops and seminars designed to reawaken and inspire each woman's personal style and provide tools to transform the world she occupies.

Pivot Logo

Pivot Chicago

Positioning young women to be innovative thinkers, virtuous leaders, others-centered and truth seekers so they can be persevering agents of good in society.

Venture Logo


Dynamic seminars, mentoring and outreach helping young women grow intellectually and morally, and to venture out of their comfort zones to live for others.


The Corporation for Social and Educational Development is dedicated to providing a safe educational environment for those who participate in its activities, especially all minors. It does not tolerate any sexual or physical abuse on the part of staff, volunteers, or participants, including behavior that is objectively intimidating, either physically or verbally. Also, staff and volunteers do not provide any illegal substances to the students nor permit their use. Every adult volunteer commits to follow a set of behavioral guidelines. Staff overseeing the programs, chaperones of overnight events, and those counseling minors submit to a background check and complete Safe Environment Training. If you are aware of any abusive behavior, please report it immediately to the Director of the Center and/or Director of the Activity. The Director in conjunction with the Center’s Board will promptly investigate and resolve any such complaints or reports. When necessary the Director will inform the Directors of the Prelature of Opus Dei.

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